Lettering For BuzzFeed News

I was fortunate enough to collaborate with BuzzFeed in creating the lettering to assist two powerful poems about the controversial painting of Emmett Till's open casket. You can read the poems here.

Art Direction: Ben King

Lettering: Adrian Meadows




Like all of my projects, it starts with a sketch. This is to get an idea of the style of letters to use and to discover the best composition to use. Initially, we decided to go for a more painterly approach; so after getting a feel for the letters, I started painting letters with Acrylic. 


While I liked the acrylic aesthetic, I didn't think it had the impact needed when seeing it complete. So, I decided to use a more expressive style using a Posca Marker. I wanted this to be emotional. Compelling. Impactful. So without guidelines or sketches, I began to create the lettering that was used.


After creating title case and uppercase options, we decided that the uppercase would be the better solution. After a few minor tweaks, the lettering was complete and ready to accompany two powerful poems. You can read those poems here.